Tales from Europe: Ljubljana & Bled

Ljubljana, Slovenia, to me, is one of the most underrated spots in Europe. It is such a calm and down to Earth city. During my time living in Italy, my friends and I would take regular trips to Ljubljana.

Now, I’m going to cut right to the chase…we took these regular trips to Ljubljana for, mostly, one reason: Pop’s Place. One of the best burgers you will ever have. Hands down.

Pop’s Place Burgers

The burgers are juicy, the Parmesan fries are amazing, and there are a bunch of beer choices too. If I remember right, the owner is from California, but he has some family that lives in Slovenia. So, he moved there are opened up this place.

Every once and a while, we would get the craving to make the hour-hour and a half drive to Ljubljana just so we could eat Pop’s. The awesome city in which the restaurant is located is just a plus, because after you eat you can walk along the river that runs right through the middle of the city. There are all kinds of stores selling various bottled beer, record stores, etc.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I still had three bottles of beer that I bought from a little shop in Ljubljana three years ago. Saving them for a special occasion of course (which wasn’t a special occasion at all).

Reservoir Dogs or tourists in Europe?

As a bonus for this entry in Tales from Europe, I decided I would group Lake Bled into this entry since it too, is in Slovenia. I only went here as a day trip, which I believe was after eating Pop’s. The building in the middle of the lake with the mountains behind is an amazingly beautiful site.

In Bled, we just kind of walked around the lake and ate lunch which was amazing as well. I highly recommend Slovenia as a country to visit in Europe. You never hear people talk about Slovenia, but it is a pretty quiet and laid back country from what I experienced. There is also some good nightlife in Ljubljana as well that I got to experience on a pub crawl bachelor party, but that is a story for another time ;).

I think on the next entry of Tales from Europe I will do either Zermatt, Switzerland or Copenhagen, Denmark. If you got this far and have been enjoying my little memories, comment which one you’d like to read next!

Thanks for reading!

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My name is Jacob, I'm 30 years old and currently serving in the USAF. Born in Sheridan, Arkansas, USA. I love writing poetry and stories. My first completed story, The Drip can be found here on my blog.

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