James S. A. Corey’s Caliban’s War Review

Caliban’s War is the sequel to Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. It follows James Holden and crew, Bobbie Draper, Praxidike Meng, and Chrisjen Avasarala as they work to figure out where a new threat originated and stop it.


The Good:

  • Caliban’s War starts out about as action packed as you can get. I believe it was the first chapter, told through Bobbie’s POV, that I was audibly saying “Damn” throughout.
  • The dynamic between the crew of the Rocinante is still as good as ever with a couple of the new characters thrown in to shake things up.
  • I loved the idea of Meng’s storyline and how he is on a system-wide search for his daughter.

The Okay:

  • Though, I really liked the idea of Prax’s story, I felt that it didn’t hold enough emotional weight. Maybe that’s because he is a new character and I didn’t care about him at first.
  • Chrisjen Avasarala. I am not one that likes to read chapters upon chapters of politics and that’s virtually all this character was. That being said, when she teamed up with Draper and the rest of the crew I wouldn’t say that I started to like her story, but it became more tolerable.
  • I think that Bobbie Draper is a really good character, but it was just the fact that she was stuck with Avasarala for the whole story that made it just okay. Though, I enjoyed her chapters more than Avasarala’s.
  • Dr. Strickland. We spent the whole book looking for him and he dies in like 2 paragraphs. I guess I expected some revelation or something, but apparently the Prax’s assumptions were right all along and they were just trying to infect her with the protomolecule.

The Bad:

  • I’m not going to say that it was necessarily bad, but there was a lull in this book that started to bore me. Mostly, Avasarala and he sitting with admirals talking at conference tables and so on. I’m reading on a Kindle and I would say it was around the 20%-40% portion of the book. Once I hit around the 45% done marker it really started to pick up and I flew through the second half in two days.

The Final Thought:

  • 6.5/10
  • Nowhere near as good as Leviathan Wakes, but it is good. There is a lull around the 2nd quarter of the book, but it picks up after that. There was a lot of politics in this book that I didn’t really care about or understand that much. I liked Prax’s storyline, but I wish we could’ve explored it more. I felt like it got overshadowed by the protomolecule often, but I do understand that is the main overarching plot of the series.

*I’m about to start the novella Gods of Risk and then start Abaddon’s Gate after. My goal is to finish it in a week and have a review up!

Thanks for reading!

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