Waiting For That Spark…

If you would have told me about a month and a half ago that for the foreseeable future I would be having a lot of time off of work (COVID) then I probably would have thought that I would be getting a lot of writing done. How naive I was.

Don’t get me wrong, I have gotten some writing done and even started a new WIP, but I also haven’t written for my other WIP’s in quite a while. So here’s hoping that I haven’t completely dropped them, but I gotta go with what I feel in the moment and write now that’s my current WIP called THE SHAPE OF ECSTACY.

I see posts on Twitter all the time about people writing thousands of words a day or having a word quota. Here I am waiting for that spark. That gut feeling that I get the moment inspiration hits and a scene plays out in my head. Sometimes it will be once a day. Sometimes, once a week. This time it was for my blog, not my story, but writing is writing. As long as I am remaining creative I am happy.

I guess this is just a post about how my quarantine is going. Most of my days are spent waiting for that spark. It’s always in the back of my mind. “I should be writing.” But sometimes I don’t have that gut feeling and if I don’t have it, I think I will only write subpar material (compared to my stuff that isn’t subpar? If that exists).

Like right now. I know where my story is going and what I need to write, but I’m missing that something. That thing that compels me to write in that moment. That writer’s intuition that tells me “this is the time”. I can slowly start to feel it building now even as I write this. I guess it’s time to switch over to my WIP and stare at the page and hope that I start putting some words down.

Happy quarantine to y’all and thanks for reading my thoughts!

Published by Jacob Fite

My name is Jacob, I'm 30 years old and currently serving in the USAF. Born in Sheridan, Arkansas, USA. I love writing poetry and stories. My first completed story, The Drip can be found here on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Waiting For That Spark…

  1. I faced the same predicament. Good luck and just go for it. I started writing my book chapter by chapter and would really help if you check out my blog in your free time. Any criticism would be appreciated. Thank you

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      1. I do get readers but the blog is sort of a testing run if you will. I’ll rewrite everything once I know the general feel of what my online audience think and thier critiques. It’s just so I can stop lazing around and finally get to work.


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