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Hey everyone, my name is Jacob. I’m 29 years old and currently serving in the United States Air Force. Being in the military has given me the opportunity to see a bunch of places around the world, so I finally decided to blog about it. Also, I published my first story, a sci-fi novella called The Drip. You can find the Amazon link under the ‘Books’ tab of my site.

Currently, I post book reviews, updates on my writing, travelling stories, and random daily thoughts that might inspire a blog post. Thanks for reading!

  • Death Before Adaptation

    August 30, 2021 by

    You either outgrow it or it wears you out And I’ve grown weary with apprehension The non-adjuster; Death before adaptation Can’t change and seems I never will I’m a skilled warrior but I fight a battle uphill And it’s a war that I will never win Internal change is a thing I can never spin… Read more

  • The Next Induction

    August 29, 2021 by

    And the cycle continues An infinite relapse of rationality I’m on my highest horse loving the view And then something so small destroys it all And the cycle continues Milestones marked by the next anxiety The baseline of mood measured by stress A look inside to which deity rules me Irrational fear, he casts a… Read more

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