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The Upper Echelon Novellas:

In the 22nd century, overpopulation pushed the world into a new dark age. With the greed for immortality and the struggles of an overcrowded Earth plaguing The Crest, the leader of The Upper Echelon, drastic policies were formed giving birth to a bi-annual event called The Drip.

A victim of The Upper Echelon’s drastic measures sets off on an journey to exact revenge on the one they call The Crest and in turn birth a revolution that could bring down The Upper Echelon.

When immortality is gained at the expense of others, someone is bound to fight back.

A novella about a man searching for his place in this world. When he finds that place, blood will be shed.


The Formative Years(Finished)

Jaded Premonitions(On-going collection)

The Cadence of Ghosts(On-going collection)

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