The first novella in the Upper Echelon Series! Available chapter by chapter here!

A story that I am posting chapter by chapter here on Read it here!

What if your strongest desire could be granted on a whim?

But, there’s a catch: the dealer only offers trades and it’s gain is unknown.

Would you speak your desire to it?

A blend of fantasy and science-fiction. Follow Seth as he seeks The Shape.


The formative years of a man’s life are sewn by outside forces: friends, enemies, romances, heartbreaks, and the experiences he reaps from these years. What formed you?

A collection of original poems. Found here on my Wattpad account.

A collection of original poems that I wrote growing up. Not my best work, but where it all began.

You can find it here on my Wattpad account.

An ongoing collection of original poems reflecting where I am in my life at each instance in time.

You can find it here on my Wattpad account.

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