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The Upper Echelon Novellas: (Currently Editing)

  • The Drip (Book 1): (Coming 2nd Qtr 2020)
  • The Omniblood (Book 2): (TBD)

The Realms of Humanity (Anthology): (Currently writing)

  • Primrose Deluxe: (Currently writing)
  • Birthright: (TBD)
  • Rendezvous With A Past Life: (TBD)
  • The Last Grandparent: (TBD)

Abridged Aspirations Trilogy : (Currently Writing)

  • The May Queen Conundrum (Book 1): (Currently Writing)
  • The Time-Scribe’s Telescope (Book 2): (TBD)
  • The Ghost Dune Disciples (Book 3): (TBD)

Six Feet Over: (TBD)


The Formative Years(Finished)

Jaded Premonitions(On-going collection)

The Cadence of Ghosts(On-going collection)

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